Vacuum creating systems

1) based on vacuum hydrocirculating units

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet compression units
for flare and low-pressure gases recovery

1) based on two-phase jet devices

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet absorption gas cleaning units
for hydrocarbons removal from breathing gases and oil and petroleum products gases recovery

Jet devices
ejectors and injectors for various purposes

Technovacuum Ltd.
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Company Profile

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The research-and-production enterprise Technovacuum Ltd. (Russia) was founded in 1992. Its field of activity includes development and implementation of new nonpolluting and resource-saving technologies at enterprises of oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

As a developer and vendor, Technovacuum Ltd. guarantees novelty, quality of manufacturing and operating safety of all its units.

The first development of Technovacuum Ltd. – a vacuum creating system based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) unit – passed commercial tests in 1992, and was put in operation at the atmospheric residue vacuum distillation unit of Moscow Refinery in 1993.

Technovacuum Ltd. have supplied more than 60 own systems at the major petrochemical, gas-processing plants and refineries in 11 countries for the beginning of 2019.

The developments of Technovacuum Ltd. are based on many years' experience of research and development in creation of jet technologies for various purposes made by the development staff under direction of Doctor habilitatus Valeriy G. Tsegelsky (Bauman Moscow State Technical University).

Technovacuum Ltd. has a top-qualified engineering staff, up-to-date software and research basis, that allows to provide high-level scientific and technical developments.

The enterprise always conducts research engineering and upgrading of its equipment.
Technovacuum Ltd. is a participant of many international exhibitions, such as ”Bahrain International Exhibition 1997”, “Oil & Gas 1998”, “Oil & Gas 1999”, “Chemistry 2000”, “Chemistry 2001” and other.

The information about our company and developments is published in Federal Directory of Fuel & Energy Complex of Russia 1999, International Directory of CIS countries (vol. 1, 2001), and also in a number of Russian and foreign editions.

All our developments are covered by more than 100 patents
of Russia, USA, Canada and EU-countries.

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Main products of Technovacuum Ltd

  • Vacuum creating systems
    - environmentally safe and resource-saving vacuum creating systems based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) unit;
    - vacuum creating systems based on steam ejectors;
  • Jet compressors
    - for low-pressure gas recovery (including flare and associating gases);
    - for steam circulation and other purposes;
  • Jet absorption gas cleaning units for breathing gases cleaning from hydrocarbons and for oil vapor recovery at oil loading racks, terminals and tank batteries;
  • Jet devices (ejectors and injectors for various purposes) operating on single-phase or two-phase working medium for application at gas and oil fields and enterprises of petrochemical, paper, textile, metallurgical, heat-and-power, food and other industries.


Technovacuum Ltd. provides a wide range of services – from studying Customer needs and issue a technical proposal to turnkey delivery of its systems.

Technovacuum Ltd. provides technological and mechanical guarantees for all delivered systems and assumes responsibility for proper quality of works.

The list of services provided by Technovacuum Ltd. includes:

  • complete examination and modeling of existing process plants;
  • benefit study;
  • scope of work determination of revamp according to Customer goals in order to optimize the process;
  • development of technical specification and basic design project;
  • consulting services in the development of detailed design project;
  • selection and delivery of equipment, instruments and control systems;
  • field supervision, engineering setup and commissioning;
  • personnel training;
  • after-sales service of equipment and software;
  • other engineering work.

If you are searching for nonpolluting technologies reducing emissions to the environment, if you want to significantly reduce energy costs, if you plan the construction of new plants or revamping of the existing ones - please contact us!


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