Vacuum creating systems

1) based on vacuum hydrocirculating units

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet compression units
for flare and low-pressure gases recovery

1) based on two-phase jet devices

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet absorption gas cleaning units
for hydrocarbons removal from breathing gases and oil and petroleum products gases recovery

Jet devices
ejectors and injectors for various purposes

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Layout of the two-stage VHC unit
with cracking gases compression to the pressure of refinery fuel header and their cleaning from acid components

1 - vacuum creating device
2,6 - separators
3,7 - heat exchangers
4 - pump for motive liquid (diesel fraction, gas oil)
5 compressor jet device
8 - pump for motive liquid (sorbent of acid gaseous admixtures)

I - gas-vapor mixture from distillation column
II gases for additional compression and cleaning from acid components
III gas into fuel header
IV motive liquid excess withdrawal line
V feed of regenerated sorbent
VI discharge of sorbent for regeneration
VII fresh motive liquid makeup line

At this layout the hydrocarbon motive liquid (diesel fraction or gas oil) is used at the first compression stage and the acid gas sorbent (e.g., monoethanolamine solution) acts as motive liquid at the second stage. This allows to remove hydrogen sulfide from cracking gases simultaneously with their compression.





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