Vacuum creating systems

1) based on vacuum hydrocirculating units

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet compression units
for flare and low-pressure gases recovery

1) based on two-phase jet devices

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet absorption gas cleaning units
for hydrocarbons removal from breathing gases and oil and petroleum products gases recovery

Jet devices
ejectors and injectors for various purposes

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for preparation of technical proposal for delivery of vacuum creating system based on vacuum hydrocirculating unit

Technical proposal preparation period (minimum 2 weeks):
1. Purpose of works:
replacement of the existing vacuum creating system,
delivery of the vacuum creating system for a new unit.
2. Name, purpose and type of the unit:
3. Name and purpose of the process device from which pumping is carried out:
4. Characteristics of the previous vacuum devices:

4.1 Type of the vacuum device

4.2 Brand of the vacuum device

4.3 Number of the devices being used:  

in parallel to the pumped flow,
in series to the pumped flow.

4.4 Existing suction pressure at inlet of the vacuum creating system

mm Hg abs.

4.5 Energy consumption of the existing vacuum creating system:

steam consumption - kg/hr at pressure atm. abs.

cooling water consumption - m3/hr in total for precondensers and interstage condensers,

electric energy consumption: kW.

5. Characteristics of the pumped out medium:

5.1 Maximum volume flowrate of the pumped out medium:

(reference pressure - and temperature - °C )

5.2 Maximum temperature of the pumped out medium: °C

5.3 Density of the pumped out medium -

(reference pressure - and temperature - °C).

5.4 Composition of the pumped out medium (concentration in %mass, %mol.):
Chemical formula
Chemical formula

5.5 Presence of solids or droplets in the pumped out medium and their

composition - ,

average size - .

6. Required operating parameters of the new vacuum creating system:

6.1 Required inlet pressure of the vacuum creating system mm Hg abs.

6.2 Required outlet pressure of the vacuum creating system atm. abs.

7. Expected motive fluid for the vacuum hydrocirculating unit:

7.1 Name: .

7.2 Motive fluid maximum consumption for makeup: m3/h.

7.3 Composition of motive fluid (concentration in %mass, %mol.):
Chemical formula
Chemical formula

7.4 Temperature of the motive fluid delivered to the vacuum creating system - °C.

7.5 Density of the motive fluid at 20°C - kg/m3.

8. Preferred motive fluid cooling method in the VHC unit:



other .

9. Characteristics of energy resources:

9.1 Electricity

9.1.1 Voltage - V,

9.1.2 Current frequency - Hz,

9.1.3 Number of phases - .

9.2 For cooling agent:

9.2.1 Type of the cooling agent - ,

9.2.2 Maximum initial temperature of the cooling agent - °C

9.2.3 Maximum allowed temperature at the system outlet - °C.

9.3 Energy cost:

Steam ,

Cooling water ,

Electric energy .

10. Operation conditions of the vacuum creating system

10.1 Operation mode of the vacuum creating system:


cyclic – please, specify the vacuum creating system average action period per day: hours.

10.2 Overhaul life - operating hours

10.3 Outdoor or indoor installation.

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