Vacuum creating systems

1) based on vacuum hydrocirculating units

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet compression units
for flare and low-pressure gases recovery

1) based on two-phase jet devices

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet absorption gas cleaning units
for hydrocarbons removal from breathing gases and oil and petroleum products gases recovery

Jet devices
ejectors and injectors for various purposes

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for preparation of technical proposal for delivery of jet absorption gas cleaning unit for breathing gases of loading/unloading racks

Technical proposal preparation period (minimum 2 weeks):
1. Purpose of works:

delivery of the jet absorption gas cleaning unit for a new loading rack,
delivery of the jet absorption gas cleaning unit for the existing loading rack.

2. Petroleum products loaded:
3. Number of loading points (loading stands):
4. Maximum loading capacity of each loading stand, m3/hr:
5. Maximum loading capacity for each product, m3/hr:
6. Maximum capacity of pumps delivering each product to the loading stands, m3/hr:
7. Products that are loaded simultaneously:
8. Maximum temperature of petroleum products loaded:


9. Characteristics of electric energy:

9.1 Voltage - V,

9.2 Current frequency - Hz,

9.3 Number of phases - .

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