Vacuum creating systems

1) based on vacuum hydrocirculating units

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet compression units
for flare and low-pressure gases recovery

1) based on two-phase jet devices

2) based on steam ejectors

Jet absorption gas cleaning units
for hydrocarbons removal from breathing gases and oil and petroleum products gases recovery

Jet devices
ejectors and injectors for various purposes

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Fuel-energy Complex of Russia. Federal Directory.

Fuel-energy Complex of Russia. Federal Directory. 1999. - p. 407.
(Топливно-энергетический комплекс России. Федеральный справочник. - М.: Родина-Про, 1999. - С. 407.)

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Director General Professor
Valery G. Tsegelsky

Research and Production Association Technovacuum was established in 1992. It bases on the longstanding scientific experience of the Russian military industry Technovacuuni develops new environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies for oil processing, chemical and natural gas industry and supply on the "turnkey" basis the following equipment:

  • vacuum hydrocirculating unit for creating vacuum in the crude oil distillation columns or in the different technological equipment on the refineries, petrochemical or chemical plants where vacuum is to be obtained. This new technology provides the ability to exchange steam ejectors (that are commonly used for creating vacuum in the VDUs) into the liquid-gas ejectors. These ejectors use one of the fractions from the vacuum column (gas oil or diesel fraction) as a motive liquid. This results in the vacuum distillation product yield increase, reduction of the power consumption and maintenance's costs, improvement of the environmental characteristics of the vacuum creating system due to the motive steam consumption elimination and waist water quantity reduction. Annual economical effect from the new vacuum system implementation of the AVT-6 type plant is several million dollars.

  • jet-type compressor systems for the low-pressure gas utilisation in the petroleum and natural gas industry. These systems are based on the liquid-gas or gas-gas compressors working on the available technological products. These products may be as follows: oil, petroleum products, gas, gas condensate. On the oil fields these compressors utilize low-pressure gas using the energy of the high-pressure gas or liquid - the energy that present commonly loses for throttling. The correct design of the oil field layout may results in the utilisation of 90% low-pressure gases with no extra energy consumption. Jet-type compressor systems for refinery flare gas utilisation can remove sour compounds from the gases together with their compression.
  • jet equipment of different type, working with the single- phase or two-phase mixtures. Technovacuum technical staff performs process simulations with the help of the modern software. The patents protect all developments of the Technovacuum. Licences for the utilisation of these developments Technovacuum supplies to the Customers.

The work of Technovacuum bases on the 25 years of experience in jet-type equipment design in the Bauman State Technical University.

Technovacuum continually improves its equipment, carries out scientific researches and provide patent protection of the new developments.

From the Federal Referencebook: "Fuel and Energy Enterprises in Russia: 1998-1999", p. 407.



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